Need a professional pole for practice, a photo or video shoot or a party? 

We offer affordable rentals for Indoor Poles & Outdoor Stages for the Greater Los Angeles, & Orange County Areas. We have multiple poles available to rent to suit your event needs!  We handle the drop off and setup & break down pickup. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Rentals available.  We only use the #1 Professional Pole in the world and that's X-Pole. It is the safest and most sturdy pole on the market and can handle up to 275lb weight limit. Poles can handle more weight when being properly used by 2 persons for doubles tricks.

Call (424) 750-1840 and ask for Jay. Please leave a message if you get our voicemail and your call will be returned promptly. You can also visit us on Instagram at

Pole Rental Fees & Notes

Ceiling to floor pole (static/spin) - $150 a day

Free Standing Pole Stage (static/spin) - $350 a day

+ Plus Travel Fee

*Weekend Friday to Monday is $150 additional​

Holding Deposit - There is a $100-$200 or more holding deposit depending on how or where pole will be used. Deposit is $200 if clients chooses to be responsible for doing setup and break down. Full deposit is returned when pole is picked up in the same condition as delivered. Deposit covers any damage to equipment or lost parts.

    • Multiple indoor poles & pole stages available

    • Weekly & Monthly Rentals are also available at a discounted rate. Call for rate!

    • Deposits & Payments can be done via cash, money order or any pay apps.

    • We always do setup and break down to ensure proper setup and safety. If for some reason due to logistics or location you choose to be responsible for setup/breakdown this will increase your holding deposit.

    • Need a tech assistant available during your event/production?  Tech Asst start at $65hr and up

    • There is an additional charge of $25-$100 for early morning setups before 8am & late night pickups/dropoffs after 12am.

    • There may also be additional charges if there is a lot of stairs to get to setup location, climbing involved or long walks to or from setup location. Indoor pole bags are 35-50lbs.  Pole Stage equipment bags total almost 200lbs.


After booking by phone with me you can make your payment using any of the pay apps below.

Venmo: @socalenterprisesllc

Cashapp: $socalenterprisesllc

Apple Pay: 424-750-1840

Travel Fees

    • Travel time is calculated from 90275 zip code

    • $25 for under 15 minutes

    • $50 for 16-30 minutes

    • $85 for 31-45 minutes

    • $115 46-60 minutes

    • $200 for 61-90 minutes

    • $250 for 91-120 minutes

How to choose your pole: Ceiling to Floor or Pole Stage?

    • Pole Stages are great for outdoor use, rooms with vaulted ceilings or rooms with ceilings over 13ft.  Stages can be used on any hard flat surface such as concrete, grass, wood, carpet, etc.  We do not allow our rentals to be used on sand.

    • Please let us know if the ceilings in your room are less than 11ft if using indoor so that we can bring shorter extensions. Standard Pole stage height is 10'3" but it can be used at lower height.

    • All poles can be used on static or spin mode including pole stages with an allen wrench thats included.

    • Ceiling to Floor Poles are for indoor use and can be adjusted to heights between 7'4" to 13' feet. Please have an accurate measurement of your ceiling height before reserving your pole so we have the necessary extensions.

    • Ceiling to Floor Poles must be used against a hard flat level ceiling or can be used against an exposed beam at least 6 inches wide.  Yes,  It can be used on stucco/popcorn ceilings.  It cannot be used on vaulted ceilings or drop tile ceilings.

    • Ceiling to Floor poles can be used on Carpet, Wood, Tile or any hard surface.

    • Ceiling to Floor pole does not require any mounting or drilling to your ceiling and leaves no damage to your ceiling.  It may leave a gummy ring due to the pressure of dome which can be rubbed off with a towel.

    • For use on photo/filming sets or heavy commercial use we do have permanent mounts available to provide more safety and ensure pole can handle more weight.

Free Standing Pole Stage Dimensions

    • Pole Diameter: 45mm (1.75”)  |  Pole Finish: Chrome

    • Stage Diameter:  5’ 3”  |  Stage Height: 4″

    • Overall Pole Height : 10' (3m)  |  Useable Pole: 9’8″

    • Weight (approx): X-Stage Complete 209Lbs (in carry cases)

    • Main Frame: 65Lbs  |  Stage Panels: 114Lbs (6 stage panels 19lbs each)  |  Pole Tubes: 30Lbs


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